Andrew Painter

I graduated with a 1st Class Degree in Illustration and relocated to London where I started work as a trainee animator at Walt Disney Animation as part of the animation team on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. After finishing the film, I spent the next 20 years working as a animator/director/character designer for all the major London based commercial animation studios directing/animating jobs as varied as the Euro Tunnel commercial to breakfast cereal commercials produced by Kelloggs, General Mills and Neslte.

With the arrival of 3D,the lack of drawing just left me frustrated so I decided to go back to illustration. I still design on paper but use Illustrator to create images that have their traditional roots in strong drawing and dynamic layouts but feel and look very contemporary. My client base ranges from designing for TV and animation companies to toy and games, educational, publishing, editorial, packaging and advertising – anything that is character based.